Hold Mama’s Hand

You found your feet and run run run,
There are sharp things and hard things,
and you are so fast.
Slow down,
hold Mama’s hand.


The world is so big
with dangers around
but here by my side,
you are safe
so hold Mama’s hand.


Kids say mean things
and don’t care if it hurts,
but don’t feel alone,
as you are SO loved,
just hold Mama’s hand.


We moved far away
from all that we knew
but the house will be home
and new friends will come.
Today, hold Mama’s hand.


You thought it was love,
but the feelings weren’t shared.
We both cry for your heartbreak,
then bake cookies together.
Sit here with me,
and hold Mama’s hand.


I helped pack your bags,
and you scheduled your classes.
Adulting is scary,
but I know that you’ve got this.
Just a phone call away,
you can hold Mama’s hand.


A recipe question,
or colicky baby,
the phone often rings
to ask what to do.
Loved through the stages,
you hold Mama’s hand.


A mama like me,
facing a trial.
Her pain and her love,
in the tears on her face.
We sit praying together,
as I hold Mama’s hand.


The steps are all steeper,
and her feet far less sure,
but as she held mine,
I still hold
MY Mama’s hand.


Lord Jesus, the years
all fly by so fast.
I can’t do this without You.
Please guide me and always
hold this Mama’s hand.




Sonja I. Anderson

photo credit:  Knicki Lucrezi

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