Meet Mama

My name is Sonja Anderson.  I am a retired RN, who worked Coronary Care for many years.  After having my third child, I stopped working to be a stay-at-home Mom, and an Air Force Wife.  We were in the military for 12 years, and during that adventure I began home schooling.  We settled in Southern Oregon after my husband separated from the military, where we began our adventures with gardening, chickens, bee keeping, and launching our kids into adult life.  I am now a grandmother to three little boys, and spend many hours a week volunteering in the Career Center of our local high school.  I have a passion for Jesus, marriage, getting dirty in my garden, sticky in my kitchen, and making large messes with fabric in my house.  I love my kids, pets, grandkids, and especially sleep-deprived young mothers.

Rather than thinking I have my act all together, I am happy to admit that the best I have ever achieved is happy chaos.  God has been gracious and faithful, and given me stories to tell about how He has helped me navigate this crazy world.  This is my way of sharing the life lessons that have come from dealing with my Dad’s alcoholism and Alzheimers, working with life and death as a nurse, raising three rowdy children, life in the military, as a home schooling mom, working with high school students and now as a grandma.